Business Start Up – English education, April 5th

This is an introductory Business Start Up course designed for you who are new to Sweden. It is a preparatory entrepreneurship course where we will be using the Entreprenerdy platform. The course is conducted digitally and will be held in English.

  • Date: April 5 - May 10
  • Time: 18-21
  • Location: Digital

Internet connection, a computer, tablet or mobile phone with a built-in camera and microphone is required.
The course is free of charge and covers a total of six sessions. Each session is three hours long.


  • 1. Introduction: The Swedish business model
  • 2. Entrepreneurship and business management: Organisational and company structures, how to register a company etc.
  • 3. Operative: business planning
  • 4. Lean Business Canvas: Business modelling
  • 5. Economy: Budget, accounting, profit and loss etc.
  • 6. Business market, rules and support services: Marketing, Tax, VAT and company service charges etc.